Charlotte Gasparetti Ribar has read at Nightingale, RubberNeck Gallery, and Columbia College Chicago. She helps organize the RubberNeck Monthly readings.



In The Bones

"In the Bones" is a personal essay published originally in Hair Trigger 37 in 2015. The essay was awarded Best Essay by the New York Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Click the cover to view.



The Exchange

"The Exchange" was published in The Lab Review - The Fantastical Elements in 2016. "The Exchange" is part of a triptych and part two and three are currently being shopped around. Click the cover to view part I.

Bottom of the Hill & Why I Write

"Bottom of the Hill" and "Why I Write" appears here as they did when first published in Nathan Leone's autobiography, Don't Love Me, Judge Me. Click the cover to view.