Gasparetti Ribar learned the art of design from her parents who have been in the field for 35+ years. From playing with and matching stacks of Pantone color swatches at age four to designing exclusively for Uncommon Ground as an intern when she moved to Chicago, she's developed skills through experience and mentorship from masters of the craft. She now freelances as she creates her own artwork with the knowledge and abilities she's gained, also teaming up with her partner to create prints and patches under the moniker Trash Formal.

    Gasparetti Ribar is a traditionalist in the true sense of the word, specializing in print design and  always armed with a sketch book at meetings to feel out and create images and ideas on the spot with clients. With a style that's sharp and bold, her flexibility and love of the craft prove to be a winning combination when working collaboratively or on her own.

Frenchie | Silkscreen on Archival Paper

Derby Day Card for Eight Bar Restaurant

Easter Brunch Menu for Maple & Ash Restaurant

Page One Lounge Menu for Maple & Ash Restaurant

Untangle | Silk Screen on Newsprint

Personal Project, Lyric Series 

 Chicago Songwriter's Alliance Poster (Updated Monthly)     | Laser Jet Print & Web Use

Chicago Songwriter's Alliance Poster (Updated Monthly)  | Laser Jet Print & Web Use

Commissioned by John McNulty | Laser Jet Print

Uncommon Ground Jazz Night | Digital Ad

Retirement Party Shirt Design | Linocut and Print done by Charlotte Gasparetti Ribar, Applied to Shirt by Local Printer

Pansies | Linocut on Archival Paper and Newsprint

Rooftop Farm Sessions Poster for Uncommon Ground | Laser Jet Print & Web Use

NYE Party Poster for Uncommon Ground  | Laser Jet Print & Web Use

Melissa FitzGerald's Personal Work Logo

 Indigo Wild at Uncommon Ground Commissioned by Uncommon Ground| Laser Jet Print & Web Use

"Well Fuck" Beer Can Series II | Silk Screen on Canvas

Mouthy Feminist Patches | Silk Screen on Canvas

All Tied Up | Silk Screen on Archival Paper

Mouthy Feminist | Silk Screen on Recycled Textbook Paper

Album Artwork and Design for the album Past Times by Winter Classic | CD, Digital, and Tape Format

Cinesanity Productions | Business Card & Logo

Uncommon Ground Calendar Menu Insert (Changed and Updated Monthly)  | Laser Jet Print

Featured Music Calendar Poster (Changed and Updated Monthly)  | Laser Jet Print